Keynote Speaker I

Prof. Eng. PhD Marco Casini
Department of Urban planning, Design and Architecture Technology
SAPIENZA University of Rome

Prof. Marco Casini is a leading academic in the Green and Smart Building sector with over 20 years experience in Building Sciences.
He is an environmental engineer, PhD in Environmental Engineering and Research Fellow in Architecture Technology at Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Urban Planning, Design and Architecture Technology. Since 2002 he has been Professor of Architecture Technology and of Environmental Certification of Buildings at the Faculty of Architecture of Sapienza University where he also teaches in several Master's, PhD and Graduate schools on subjects pertaining to Energy and Environmental Sustainability for Buildings. Dr. Casini's research activities cover a wide spectrum of topics within sustainable architectural design and energy efficiency of buildings, focusing on advanced materials and nanotechnologies for smart building envelopes as well as integrated renewable energy systems. He worked as scientific coordinator on major projects including the development of "Italian regional system for the certification of environmental sustainability of buildings - Protocollo ITACA Lazio" (2014) and the preparation of the "Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Rome" within the European Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (2012). Dr. Casini's professional activity has included scientific and technical consultancy on technological, environmental and energy aspects related to the design and construction of complex building structures worldwide, as well as training on Green Building and Smart Cities strategies and policy making for Italian public authorities (Prime Minister's Cabinet, Ministry of Internal affairs, Regione Lazio).

Keynote Speaker II

Assoc. prof. Zoltán Pásztory
University of Sopron, Hungary

Zoltán PÁSZTORY (male), senior researcher worked in applied research and innovation more than 20 years. He performed more successful research cooperation between research institutions and industrial partners and has a wide range experience for utilization of innovative results in the industry and in open innovation. Development of research and production efficiency and the improvement of energy efficiency in different areas such as residential buildings and industrial technologies were the most successful activities in his carrier. He was the professional leader and manager of more big projects performing applied research and experimental development and he has international project experience too. Under his leadership more test building and innovative solution were developed and built up for improving the energy efficiency of residential building. One of them was focusing to using poplar frame element instead of coniferous. Beside the 40 publication he is the author of chapters in professional books and inventor of 3 patents. In his PhD thesis he developed a new insulation method for wood frame buildings called Mirrorpanel.

Keynote Speaker III

Prof. Zhijun Peng
University of Bedfordshire, UK

Professor Peng started his professorship in the University of Bedfordshire, UK in June 2017. Prior to his new role, he has been a Reader in Sustainable Energy Technology in the School of Engineering and Technology, University of Hertfordshire since 2013. As the leader of the Sustainable Energy Technology Research Group in University of Hertfordshire, his is responsible for research activities on sustainable energy technology development and application vehicle powertrains and vehicle energy efficiency technology with an emphasis on experimental investigation, though he also conducts some numerical simulations including CFD modelling. Prof Peng was a lecturer since 2004 and then as a senior lecturer since 2007 in the School of Engineering and Design, University of Sussex. He acquired his industry experience as a senior powertrain development engineer at the Dunton Technical Centre of Ford Motor Company between May 2003 and September 2004.

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