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2019 4th International Conference on Green Energy Technology 
(ICGET 2019), Rome, Italy, 16-18 July, 2019

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2018 3rd International Conference on Green Energy Technology 
(ICGET 2018), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 10-12 July, 2018



Effects of Biochar Addition on Nitrogen Leaching loss in the Vegetable Soil

Yingliang Yu

Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


Study on the Characteristics of Inflow Groundwater into Metro station in South Korea

Bo-Kyong Kim

Korea Railroad Research Institute, South Korea


Photocatalytic hydrogen production from simulated dye wastewater with simultaneous AR1 decolorization

Ju-Ting Lee

National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan


Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles mediated by plant extracts

Michailidu Jana

UCT Prague, Czech republic



2017 2nd International Conference on Green Energy Technology 
(ICGET 2017), Rome, Italy, 18-20 July, 2017

An intelligent approach to strengthening of the rural electrical power supply using renewable energy resources
F C Robert
Amrita University, India
Removal of Microbiology from E.coli(8099)-Polluted Water Using Natural Ore
Pang Xin Zhu
Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Ecological engineering for humid systems polluted by atrazine: bioturbation and phytoremediation coupled
Hoang Trung Kien
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam
New Trends on Green Buildings: Investigation of the Feasibility of Using Plastic Members in RC Buildings with SWs
Musa Hakan ARSLAN
Selcuk University, Turkey
Assessing CO2 Mitigation Optione Utilizing Detailed Electricity Characteristics and Including Renewable Generatio
A. Elkamel
Khalifa University, UAE
Engineering advanced antimony (Sb) based nanostucture for promising Na-ion battery anode
Wen Luo
University of Lorraine, France
Characteristics of Particle and Gaseous Emissions Derived from Rice Straw Burning in Controlled Chamber
James Lee
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

2016 International Conference on Green Energy Technology 
(ICGET 2016), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25-27 July, 2016

Industrial Waste as Raw Material for Producing Synthetic Wollastonite in Russia
Sofia B. Yarusova
Institute of Chemistry, Far-Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian

Climate Effects on Cooling Degree-Hours and Evaporative Cooling of Gas Turbine
Dayyabu Gambo Kofar-bai
Harbin Engineering University, China

Quantification and Characterization of Construction and Demolition Waste for the Purpose of Recycling in Qatar
Abeer Tayseer Abulebdah
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Qatar University

Effect of Geographical Coordinates on Carbon Dioxide Sequestration by Microalgae
P. Balasubramanian
National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India

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